Discover Norwich Trails in 2020

Here in the Upper Valley we enjoy the outdoors. There are many walkers among us, who ply loops around the downtown area and along the dirt roads in our hills. There are young families who enjoy recreation at Huntley Meadows. There are those who enjoy hiking, mountain biking and winter travel on Norwich’s extensive trail network. All these activities maintain fitness and a good outlook on life.

Discover Norwich Trails in 2020 is a year-long program of guided Discovery Tours to help more people discover and enjoy our trails network. We hope to introduce people young and old to find a trail or natural setting that matches their abilities, in different seasons.

We expect to highlight popular trail sections, and some less well known. Discovery Tours will be offered throughout the year (except mud season) – in warmer weather we may offer some longer routes, including loops.

Based on seasonal conditions please come equipped with appropriate clothing, foot-gear and water. For winter tours, pack clothing layers, snowshoes and/or micro-spikes and poles; in the summer bring sun and bug protection. Please note that registration is required, for each Guided Tour/Date, due to the variability of trail conditions.

Upcoming Discovery Tours

For now, tours are on hold, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Previous Tours

Past tours, each with a brief description (useful for self-guided tours), are available here.

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