Parcel 5: Five kilometers in two loops

  • Meeting date and time: Saturday at 9 am, June 27, 2020.
  • Meeting location: Marion Cross School parking lot near school-bus assembly point, where everyone will receive a briefing on social distancing and carpooling. Maximum participants: 10, plus two leaders.
  • Trailhead location: Parcel 5 parking lot
  • Reward: Explore a popular running, biking and ski trail with many twists and turns through mixed forest. Find the shortcuts and exits to other trails. Visit the site of Norwich’s missing bridge and its makeshift replacement across Beaver Meadow Road to see how to get to the Bill Ballard Trail.
  • Length: Full loop 5 km (3.1 miles) and 380 feet of uphill in two sub-loops at the discretion of participants.
  • Difficulty: Moderate with some ups and downs. Suitable for healthy adults and children.
  • Web links
  • Directions to trailhead from Dan & Whit’s: Follow Beaver Meadow Road (left past the Norwich Inn) 2.5 miles and look for a small sign on the right, marked “Parcel 5”.
  • Prizes: A small prize will go to the youngest attendee of the Marion Cross School and to the oldest Social Security recipient.
  • Sign up: To register, email Put “Parcel 5 hike” in header of your email and state the number of participants in your party. Hikes are limited to a maximum of ten participants in total, plus leaders.
Parcel 5 trailhead and parking are about 2.5 miles from the center of town on Beaver Meadow Road. Sign says “Parcel 5”.
The numbers in circles are hiking distance from the start in miles.
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