When Taking Your Dog

To promote safe, harmonious experiences for all, here are some guidelines to consider when taking your dog on trails:


  • Keep your dog on a leash at all trailheads and parking areas.
  • Restrain or leash your dog when passing others on a trail.
  • Secure your dog and step to the side with the approach of a mountain biker, horse, runner, or group of dogs.
  • Always keep your dog within sight, and do not allow it to chase or disturb any wildlife or domestic animals (e.g., chickens, horses or cattle).
  • Avoid touching other dogs, especially during the pandemic when fur can be a vector for the New Coronavirus.
  • Carry a poop bag, use it when necessary, and bring it back to your car or home.

Dog owners are solely responsible for their animals, as described in the Norwich Animal Control Ordinance.

This article illustrates the breadth of opinions that people have about dogs and trails. 

Thank you for your help!

Norwich Trails

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