Using Norwich Trails

Our trails include officially designated Norwich Town Trails; pathways maintained on town, institution or private property for use by the public; and some Class 4 roads which provide useful connections or routes. Trails and pathways are not intended for motorized use, and range from those designated for foot traffic only, to multi-use paths which may also allow bicycle or horse use. Class 4 roads are no longer maintained by the town; many are overgrown, eroded or otherwise too rough for vehicular traffic, although some of may still be drive-able with a high-clearance and/or 4wd vehicle.

Town Trails and Class 4 Roads are on property owned by the town, or else the town has historically held an easement.

Most Norwich Trails are on private land, where the public has been invited to use the path. There may be trail use conditions, which vary depending on the trail and landowner(s). Conditions include foot-traffic only vs. multi-use access, limitations on group size, seasonal access conditions and constraints on available parking.

Specific trail use conditions should be described in the individual trail descriptions on the Trails Overview page. We ask that all trail users respect any such landowner conditions.

General Trail Use Guidelines

  • Parking. For a group, please respect others and plan to arrive in the minimum number of vehicles. Consider using the Huntley Meadow Park-and-Ride, or a spot in Norwich Village (e.g. Marion Cross School when not in session), as a staging point. When parking is full, please do not block any part of the roadway! It would be good to consider a different route in this situation. (See the Norwich Trail Map for alternatives, or Hikes with Views in the Upper Valley for some great trails in neighboring Upper Valley locations.)
  • Group size. If there will be more than a few users in your party, please read Guidelines for Groups on Norwich Trails.
  • Mud season considerations.
  • Respect for the treadway.
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