Using Norwich Trails

Our trails accommodate a variety of users:

Seasonal considerations:

  • Winter: Trails are used extensively. Bring snowshoes or traction gear (e.g. microspikes), depending on how deep the fresh snow is. Some trails are suited for back-country skiing. Bring layers for warmth and protection against precipitation. Park out of the traveled lane and be aware of snow plow turn-around points.
  • Spring: Trails may be closed owing to mud. Otherwise, avoid walking around mud on flats; it widens the trail. Step on rocks and roots, where possible to avoid further erosion.
  • Summer: Trails should be distinct during this time of high use. Time to explore new trails!
  • Fall: Trails become indistinct from falling leaves. Wear bright clothing during deer hunting season.
  • Anytime: If you see a problem with a poorly drained trail, bees’ nest, or fallen tree, please report it to

Guidelines for trail use include:

To stay oriented:
Print a map
Use an app with your phone, like AllTrails or MapOut.

Some suggested loop and out-and-back hikes are tabulated at Norwich Hikes.

Feedback: If you want to discuss a problem with our trails or with our website, please contact

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