A Discover Norwich Trails hike to our own Grand Canyon

Photos and story by Gerry Plummer, Norwich Trails volunteer

Ready to head out on a hike to the Norwich Grand Canyon!

On August 30 three ambitious explorers with their two hosts gathered at the upper Bill Ballard trailhead on Beaver Meadow Road, for the fourth hike of the Discover Norwich Trails program. There was an almost-Fall feeling to the air – cool and a bit damp.

Setting out in a group, respectfully distanced, they began their trek to Norwich’s own “Grand Canyon”. They encountered ruins of an earlier era. The energy was such that the group detoured up and around the Converse Loop Trail to view giant ferns and fields along Bragg Hill Rd.

Rejoining the Ballard Trail, the group headed over to the rim of the Norwich Grand Canyon for a view into the gorge. Not yet satisfied, they descended to the bottom of the gorge for a close view of the canyon’s waterfalls (which were more than just wet – thanks to heavy rain the previous day).

The group then reversed course, following the Ballard Trail all the way back to it’s upper trailhead.

This hike was part of the Discover Norwich Trails program, which features a different trail on the last Saturday of the month, through October.

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