Norwich Trails comprises those volunteers who support the priorities of the Norwich Trails Committee, a subcommittee of the Norwich Conservation Commission.

Of the more than 36 miles of trails for public use in Norwich, we are primary maintainers of 23 miles and assist in the maintenance of the remaining 13 miles. Occasionally, we assist in creating a new trail, typically working with landowners willing to integrate an existing pathway into the managed trail network.

We are grateful for the cooperation of participating Norwich landowners, town officials and staff, of the entire community, and for the cooperation with partner organizations including the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Upper Valley Land Trust, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Green Mountain Club.

We meet monthly in conjunction with the Norwich Trails Committee, as needed, to identify maintenance needs, plan trail work activities and strategize about trail projects. We conduct well-attended regular work sessions to remove windfalls, clean out water bars, clear brush and other debris, rebuild bridges and other structures.

Visit Norwich Trails Committee on the Town’s web site for archived meeting minutes and other documents.

Trail Responsibilities

Trail nameTotal length (miles)Maintained by Norwich TrailsPrimarily maintained by othersOther organization
Norwich Nature1.51.5
Rosemary Rieser0.30.3UVTA
Appalachian Trail7.07.0GMC
Burton Woods Road2.92.9
TH 510.20.2
Brown Schoolhouse0.80.8
Parcel 53.13.1
Blue Ribbon4.54.5
Blue Ribbon Connector1.31.3
Gile Mountain (hiking)0.70.7
Gile Mountain (cycling)0.80.8
Bradley Hill0.60.6
UVTA = Upper Valley Trails Alliance
Montshire = Montshire Museum
GMC = Green Mountain Club
UVLT = Upper Valley Land Trust

View the Norwich Trails meeting agendas and minutes, here.

Feedback: If you want to discuss a problem with our trails or with our website, please contact norwichtrails@gmail.com.

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