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Norwich Nature Area Trails [Map] [Conservation map] [TrailFinder]

OverviewA 1.5-mile trail network on a 36-acre conserved property adjacent the Marion Cross Elementary School. The area is owned by the town of Norwich, managed by the Milton Frye Natural Area Committee, and conserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust.

ConnectionsFrom the parking area one trail heads out into a nearby orchard and field and then turns to the left at each of two intersections to form an inner and an outer loop.

Length1.5 miles in several loops

Directions to trailheadEnter the school driveway adjacent the St. Barnabas Church on Main Street in Norwich. Park on the first area to the right. This entrance is closed on school days from 7:30 to 8:00 am and 2:50 to 3:20 pm to accommodate school buses

ParkingPark in the on-premises lots or on Main Street.


Hikes using this trailNone

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Rosemary Rieser Trail [Map] [More information]

OverviewTraverses Sample’s Woods located on the east side of Hopson Road. The quarter-mile route descends and turns north along Bloody Brook with a view up the historic Sample’s Jump ski hill to issue out upon a field owned by the Warner Meadows Association, where there is often a visible path leading to the bridge over Bloody Brook along Hopson Road.


Length0.3 miles

Directions to trailheadsFrom the Norwich Inn, follow Beaver Meadow Road (<0.1 mi.), turn right on Hopson Road, park near the intersection of Hopson and Hillside Cemetery Roads (0.3 mi.). Enter either from the bottom on the edge of meadow at the line of trees or from the top, just prior to a cleared site on Hopson Road.

ParkingRoadside at the intersection of Hopson and Hillside Cemetery Roads

MarkingsA sign at the top entry of the trail

Hikes using this trailNone

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Hazen Trail [Map] [TrailFinder]

OverviewPasses through woodlands between Interstate 91 and the Connecticut River, starting on land owned by the Montshire Museum. Features interpretive markers representing the planets of the Solar System, placed at scale distances from the museum. Other Montshire trails require an entrance fee.

ConnectionsFrom parking on Montshire Road at the northern end, joins a Montshire trail (0.7 mi.) and continues south to Route 5, near Wilder, (1.8 mi.).

Length1.8 miles

Directions to trailheads

  1. Northern trailhead is reached from the Norwich Inn via Main Street, southbound, to Route 10A towards Hanover, passing the interstate and turning onto Montshire Road at 0.8 miles and proceeding to the trailhead by taking the right fork to the Norwich Childcare Center after 0.1 miles.
  2. Southern trailhead is reached from the Norwich Inn via Main Street, southbound 0.5 miles to turn right on Rte. 5 South and proceeding 2.4 miles, passing under I-91 to the trailhead on the left.


  1. Northern trailhead parking is roadside.
  2. Southern trailhead is adjacent to a powerline access road. Please do not block the gate.

MarkingsBlue blazes

Hikes using this trailNone

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