Work Day: Heyl Trail, June 6, 2020

Trail crew (l-r): Jonathan Smolin, Nick Krembs, Tom McHenry, Jim Faughnan, Gerry Plummer, Bob Fisken, Steve Flanders, and Peter Griggs

On June 6th, eight volunteers for Norwich Trails assembled at the Elm Street trailhead of the Heyl Trial at 0830 to build a 50-foot-long bog bridge in a perennially wet section of the trail. The area addressed had seen a number of unsuccessful measures taken, previously, including planks and a drainage culvert. The participants were (in alphabetical order):

  • Jim Faughnan (co-organizer)
  • Bob Fisken
  • Steve Flanders
  • Peter Griggs
  • Nick Krembs (co-organizer)
  • Tom McHenry
  • Gerry Plummer
  • Jonathan Smolin

Jim Faughnan pre-positioned construction materials for the project.

While Bob Fisken cleared away fallen trees in the way of the site’s drainage, the rest of the crew carried in, laid out, and assembled the bog bridge.

The work took two and one-half hours to complete. It allows people to pass this beautiful scene without getting their feet muddy.

Scene at bottom end of Heyl Trail

Photos and story by Stephen Flanders, volunteer, Norwich Trails

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