Work Day: May 16th — A new path of least resistance on Upper Loveland

Clearing a log across the trail

Upper Loveland Road connects to Maple Hill Road via a short section of trail on a town right of way. Because the trail was blocked by fallen trees and other obstructions, mountain bike users and hikers by-passed this section on adjacent private property.

On May 16th, 2021 a crew of ten volunteers brought a variety of tools to remove trees across the path, clear brush, move stones and transfer soil into the tread-way. They met at 0800 and completed the work by 1030, including a short break for coffee and donuts.

At the end of the work session, a young volunteer rode the length of the new path and pronounced it suitable for use.

Upon completing the work, the crew explored nearby Schmidt Bog on town property, accessible via trails across private property.

The volunteer trail crew comprised:

  • Robert Bushell
  • Jim Faughnan
  • Bob Fisken
  • Stephen Flanders
  • Peter Griggs
  • Nick Krembs
  • Noelle Lamperti
  • John McCormick
  • Gerry Plummer
  • Cathie Redpath
Section of trail opened up

Story and photos by Stephen Flanders

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