Work Day: June 4 — A bridge just far enough

Removal of the deteriorated bridge

The Ballard Trail’s A-frame was its last bridge requiring replacement and was also one of the most remote from a trailhead. Fortunately, uphill abutters to the trail allowed their property to be a staging area for replacement materials.

At least sixteen volunteers heeded the call to carry the new material to the site. The material was largely staged at the bridge site by 9 am, ready for the scheduled replacement later in June. Meanwhile, the crew commenced dismantling the deteriorated bridge.

The volunteers were so motivated to be helpful that they stayed to porter the dismantled pieces back uphill. There was some joshing about “bait and switch”!

Heavy lifting uphill!

The work having begun at 7:30, the last volunteers were out by 10 am, thanks to so many hands on the bridge deck!

The gap waiting for the new span. A temporary trail relocation leads to the left.

Our thanks go to the volunteers, who came, including:

  • Todd Alexander
  • Larry Babcock
  • Jim Faughnan (co-work leader)
  • Kristin Fauci
  • Bob Fisken
  • Stephen Flanders
  • Peter French
  • Jamie Holmes
  • Nick Krembs (co-work leader)
  • Steve Liu
  • Paul Manganiello
  • Wendy Manganiello
  • John McCormick
  • Jane Phipps
  • Cathie Redpath
  • Zdenek Svindrych

Story and photos by Stephen Flanders

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