Work Day: June 13th — Changing the Flow on the Upper Ballard Trail

A May 22, 2021 trail survey revealed some issues with flooding of the Upper Ballard Trail and with a number of stream crossings. Accordingly, a crew of six volunteers met at 8 am on June 13th and set out to forge a trail relocation and to repair the higher-priority stream crossings.

Crewmembers cut a path through a fallen tree and ferns to create a new by-pass for the perennially flooded area. They left a short stub to the charming pool, stream side, by an apple tree.

The crew attended to two stream crossings, one just uphill of the new trail segment and one at the stream crossing at Norwich’s “Grand Canyon”. Ice had dislodged stones in both locations during spring runoff. A permanent solution was arrived at for the lower crossing. A temporary solution was employed at the Grand Canyon, pending the arrival of tools and crews to move large stones. The goal is to allow safe crossing at high water levels, during spring runoff.

After about two and a half hours of work, the crew took a well-deserved break for coffee and donuts, supplied by Nick Krembs.

The volunteer trail crew comprised:

  • Bob Fisken (with Bela)
  • Stephen Flanders
  • David Hubbard
  • Nick Krembs (crew leader)
  • John McCormick
  • Gerry Plummer

Story and photos by Stephen Flanders

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