Brown Schoolhouse Road Bridge Replacement Q&A

Below is a list of questions raised. Click on the question for the brief answer.

  1. Where is the proposed bridge replacement?
  2. What will the replacement bridge connect?
  3. Why should I support the replacement?
  4. How much will the replacement bridge cost?
  5. Why does the bridge cost that much?
  6. How much will the replacement bridge cost me?
  7. Why is my vote needed?
  1. Why not… a smaller, simpler bridge closer to the stream to lower costs?
  2. Why not… a less durable bridge?
  3. Why not… site it somewhere else?
  4. Why not… simply have trail users wade across or use stepping stones?
  5. Why not… just accept the collapse of the old bridge and live with it?
  6. Why not… wait for the resolution of competing, big-ticket climate initiatives?
  7. Why not… make trail users pay?
  1. Is Brown Schoolhouse Road a town road?
  2. Why was the original bridge built at this site?
  3. When was the original bridge built?
  4. How has the bridge been used in recent years?
  5. When did the old bridge collapse?
  6. Why did the old bridge collapse?
  7. What happened to the collapsed bridge?
  8. Do any abutments remain upon which a new bridge can be built?
  1. How high above the brook should the new bridge be?
  2. Will the new bridge need railings?
  3. Could the use of volunteer workers help reduce the cost of the bridge?
  4. What involvement will the State of Vermont have in the project?
  5. When could a replacement bridge be built?
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